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A simple gesture like smiling not only makes people happy to be around you but, helps you feel happier too. Some people say that if you are happy you smile but, that might not be the case. Some studies show that if you smile you’re happy. For example, if you tense a muscle or make an angry face your brain will think you are angry. When you smile it also boosts your immune system. When you smile your body feels relaxed. So, smile it looks good on you!  sydney_smile2014

My Nomination

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The blog I have nominated for this years blogging challenge happens to be one of my closest friends, Andrea.No, I have not chosen her blog because of our friendship but because of her blogging qualities. She constantly is updating her blog and responding to peoples comments. Her blog is also very impressive and definitely at a college level. She has a consistent theme and a large audience of visitors from many countries.  She also has done a ton of research to find out knowledge on topics and she definitely has added value to my life.

Her blog Discover the Future is a science and technology themed blog. She includes topics about physics and amazing discoveries. She has a wide range of viewers that come to her site including people from Hong Kong and China. She is an amazing writer. There are no grammar mistakes and she keeps the readers interested in her blog post topics by adding videos and links, so you can do follow ups on what you learned. I found this extremely helpful and meaningful.

Another concept of her blog that I liked is that she spends a lot of time working on her posts. You can tell that she does a lot of research and knows fully of her topic before writing about it. She finds passion in these topics as well so the writing comes naturally. Its easy for her to explain the topic to people of many ages. I am personally not very educated in these topics and I find her blogs very informative. Its one of the best student written blogs I have read.

Her blog is also very organized and easy to follow. when you enter the page there is a beautiful piece of cover art that she actually made herself. Pretty cool am I right. There are also many side links that shows you the different categories of her posts.  So, if you’re just looking for one specific thing it is right there.

Overall her blog is very neat and organized. Her posts are also very meaningful and stay true to her passions. You can tell that Andrea puts a lot of thought into her blog and I think that it s very important and what makes her blog wonderful.

What the future holds…

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Of course there are many things I would like to do before I die, I know I probably won’t do all of them. I wanted to make two parts of this post. My future careers I may hold and a bucket list.

In my future I don’t actually know what I want to do. I hope to finish college and go on doing something that I love. You have read a lot about ,my dance experience and may be wondering if I ever wanted to pursue that career. The answer is yes, its a huge possibility that dance will play a big part in my future, whether it be a scholarship or a career. Being a dance judge for a major dance national competition has always been something I had an interest in. Traveling around the country and doing what I love, I mean who wouldn’t want that. (linked below is my favorite competitions youtube channel, check it out you might just see me.

Next, is my “things to do before I die” list. My top two things to do before I die are really important to me. First It has always been a dream to travel the world with some of my closest friends. Obviously this wouldn’t be all at once, but I can say i’ve pictured my friends and I all over the world and I think it would be a great experience to learn about the culture of everywhere too. Not only those things but to try the foods of all over the world. Ive always been into ethnic food such as food from Africa, India and various european countries. I also have family over in Europe and connecting with them would be bitter sweet.

The next “activity”, if you will call it that is very important to me. As you all may know once again my brothers are adopted from Africa. Since they have come my family and I have began to do all sorts of things to help people in need over in Ethiopia, specifically. I would like to organize a group of people, of volunteers. We could organize a trip and gather materials such as clothes shoes and necessary items for children in orphanages. I know how the orphanages can be really underprivileged and since my brothers were there it has a special place in my heart. For more info on Ethiopia click here

Below are some pictures of my favorite dance Competitions.  

A day in the Life of a Dancer

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I wake up excited about the night ahead. I think about how there are only 7 hours of school and then I will be on my way to whatever destination dance brings us to this time. I get home from school and I immediately head for the large makeup bag and suitcases in the back of the living room and put them into the car. Sadly I can’t forget to bring my bookbag because I will have to find some way to squeeze this weekends homework. On my way down to the competition I run my dances several times in my head, watch movies and listen to music. When we finally arrive for day one of the competition at the hotel, I meet my friend in our room and we begin to do our makeup. I start with my hair and quickly do it in two french braids for my single dance of the night. I then eat dinner which usually comes from room service (I don’t really actually like room service food). Then I begin to do my makeup which is very tedious work, believe me. That usually only takes me about 40 or less minutes. After I finish I am usually rushing my mom out the door. When we arrive we set out a rack with all of our costumes, a little changing station, and our makeup table. I usually get dressed first and go out to support my team. My duo partner and I usually drink some cold coffee beverage to get ourselves hyped and then start to practice our dance. We usually go over it for an hour before we have to go on. Once we get back stage I am not really nervous at all. When our name is called we get into position and hear our music on I am completely in my comfort zone. When the dance is over I am usually satisfied with my performance and I cant wait to get my awards. Awards usually starts out with an opening song and then the awards begin. This is probably the most nerve wracking part for me. When awards gets over its nearly 11 pm and we go back to our hotel room for a little party thing. We usually have food and watch a movie or something before we call it a night.

Saturdays are usually the hectic day of the competition. Literally everyone’s dances are on Saturday or so it seems. I usually have most of my dances that day as well. I have my teen small groups and large groups that day. I am really excited for my large groups. In one of the we get to turn the lights off and our shoes and props light up, its really snazzy. In my small group though I am really nervous. My teacher is always really hard on us for this dance. As I am waiting backstage when I get the nerves really bad and I usually forget my dance when I try to practice. When our music is finally playing and I forget about my previous nerves. When its time for awards I’m not nervous and I am really hoping I can do better than my last performance. After this awards I head back to the hotel and we eat dinner. After dinner we are able to go swimming and have another get together with my friends.

Sunday is the final day of the competition and probably my least favorite because the weekend is coming to a close. I only have two dances this day. I get ready the same as the rest of the days this time doing some homework while I’m at it. When I arrive at the competition I do the same and head backstage when its time. We do our group huddle before we go onstage for our production and that dance usually does the best. Then I do my other dances of the day and head to the awards. The Sunday night awards are my favorite awards and they usually get into the top ten. When I get to these awards of course I am nervous and can’t help but get the knot in my stomach. I am usually relieved that we placed and I can continue with my winning streak.

On my way home home from the competition I eat and watch some movies as usual and when I arrive home I do the rest of my homework. Its about 1 am when I’m usually finished and I head off to bed. When I wake up I am a total mess and I am not very excited to start my day at school. After a long weekend of dance I always wish I am home schooled.

Turn it up nationals Ocean city 2013.

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Nerves rush through my body as I sit in the dim light of the wings. Anxiously awaiting for my number to be called. Nerves not just for the the dance but for the win of the national title. My  group joins in for a prayer before the final time we perform our dance. Ever.

I attend dance nationals every year. This particular nationals were very important to me. I think this national was one of the more successful. Three of the six of my dances made it to the final showcase. Which is when all of the dances compete for a cash prize. All of the dances that qualified got a large check, like when you win the lottery. It was pretty sweet. My other dances all placed in the top ten, which is rather amazing.

Nationals is also a great time for a team to bond. Nationals is really a week long competition. Its a really great time to go encourage everyone. We also have a team hotel that we have different parties during the week. Usually the parents go out to dinner one night and all the girls get to stay behind and have their own “party”. Its a great time. We also have time before the competition where we can go to the beach and do stuff like its an actual vacation.

As far as dancing goes its pretty intense. For me nationals is the most nerve racking. Probably because its the most important competition of the year. My favorite nationals are definitely the Turn it up ones. At turn it up I am able to take many many master classes. Which are additional classes taught by famous dancer such as some from “So You Think You Can Dance”. I even met someone from “Dance Moms”.

If you have any questions about nationals feel free to ask!

Mind Eraser

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We all have things we want to forget. So, for this weeks challenge I’m going to be writing about 2 memories I wish I could erase forever.

The first memory was February break  2011. I remember it so well and it will continue to haunt me forever. It all started at dance, we were working on a new dance for the next competition. I had a headache the whole time but I just blew it off because I get them a lot.  After class I went to my friends house and I wasn’t feeling so well but I had to go because who wouldn’t want to. The first few hours I blew off the feeling of sickness but as the night went on I felt sicker and sicker. I laid on the couch and watched tv with my friends. My mom was coming to get me soon so I figured I had nothing to worry about. I was wrong. Right as my mother had gotten there I started to feel like I was going to throw up. I tried to run to the bathroom but I didn’t make it. I threw up all over the floor next to the bathroom door. Turns out I had the stomach bug. I’m still best friends with this girl and every time I go over.(which is a lot) I am reminded of the embarrassing that happened four years ago.

My second memory was last year in May. This is probably the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I was in Springfield Massachusetts for Revolution talent competition. We were competing against our rival studio “The World of Dance” :(. My friends and I had found out they were using powder on  the stage so we would fall. Yup, you guessed right it was me who fell on stage. It was so embarrassing but I wasn’t the only one who fell. I just remember coming off stage and crying. A lot of the parents from our studio and others were complaining about the powder and it was confiscated but clearly that wasnt fair, they should have been disqualified. Competitions like Revolution, Starquest and showbiz are all about dance politics.

Turn it Up Dance Challenge….

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As you all may know already I am a competitive dancer. A few weeks ago I had my first regional competition here in New York. I attended “Turn it up dance challenge” and I competed five of my dances. The dances are listed below


The great gatsby-production

smooth criminal (instrumental)-small group

Skeletons-small group

Light em up- large group

At this particular competition the judges judged really hard. They really didn’t give out a ton of platinums, which is the highest score you can achieve.  Three of my dances received a platinum and the other two won a high gold, the second highest score you can achieve.

scores run like this:

  • Platinum: highest

  • High Gold:second

  • Gold: third

  • High silver:forth

  • SIlver: fifth

  • Bronze: sixth

(All in terms of points.)

Three of my dances also placed in the top ten of the whole weekend. Despite actually being on stage awards is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Its a really huge part of the competition because its when all scores are announced. Its pretty intense waiting for your dance or name to be called. We are all basically  competing against each other and we all want to win. To be honest I don’t really settle for not placing.

Although, I spent my weekend dancing it was a great time to hang out with my friends. In between dances we would get together and do home work or even have dinner together. Before everyone of my dances my group and I usually join in for a prayer  circle just in case, its pretty much a tradition.Competitions can get pretty intense emotionally between the girls..  This  competition was pretty intense because two of our three rival studios attend Turn it up as well. I’m very proud to say that we went home with the win this competition, but they will be back again this weekend for my next competition at “Starquest unlike all others”.


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Hello bloggers,

For this weeks post I have decided to write about a few of my favorite memories. One of my favorites would have to be when I met my brothers  for the first time. No matter how much I cried, ignored my parents and did thing I may regret, it was one of the best memories I have had. I hated the idea of adopting from the minute my parents told me. I was being selfish not wanting to share, or have them be a part of my life. Although then, I didn’t understand the true meaning of what we were doing. I finally got the point after a awhile. I realized that it was such an amazing thing. Being able to better the lives of others is truly a great feeling. Seeing them for the first time changed my perspective. Today I couldn’t imagine my life without them, although they’re pretty annoying sometimes. I can easily say this whole process made me a better person and I can easily say it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Another one of my favorite memories are dance nationals. Ive been to I think nine and we go once a year. I dont think I can actually pick my favorite one. I just love being able to bond with my team members and have a sick vacation. I have taken some pretty amazing one in a lifetime master classes with literally the best of the best. Being able to meet some incredible people as well. Just having time to spend with my second family is so fun. We always have beach parties that my teachers throw for us. Its over all one of the highlights of my year.


What are your favorite memories?? Have they made you a better person?




10 Things you Probably don’t Know About Me.

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I saw this topic on the internet and I thought it would be fun to do this as a blog post. So, without further ado here is 10 things you probably don’t know about me;


  1. I broke my finger in the 3rd grade because I slammed my finger in the door.

  2. My height is five three and a half.

  3. I get motion sickness.

  4. I hate bananas.

  5. I’ve had 16 teeth pulled.

  6. Im afraid of throwing up and/or getting nauseous.

  7. I don’t like frosting.

  8. Im afraid of squirrels.

  9. I tried being a vegetarian once, It didn’t work out.

  10. I always make a wish on 11:11.

What are some interesting facts about you? I hope you enjoyed =)

Vacations <3

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I personally adore traveling and so does my family. I have been to most states in the US and I am planning on making some bigger trips this year. My most memorable trips have been our yearly trips to North Carolina. We’ve been going there for as long as I can remember. For the last few years we have been traveling with a few families and staying in extremely beautiful houses right on the beach. Holden beach is a small island on the border of North and South Carolina and it is absolutely beautiful. Ive made so many memories there including jellyfish stings, shark sightings, turtle hatchings and just spending time with my friends and family. I love being able to watch the sunset on the deck and have a good laugh.  Attached are some pictures from last years trip…

Where are your favorite places you’ve been? What is special about them to you?